This article will go over how the Pre-Authorized cards look in your accounting tab.  If you have not set up your Pre-Authorized Credit Card settings we have different article for that.

Here is an example of how your Pre-Authorized Credit Card settings would look if set up:

Here is the link to the article that will explain how to set up the settings for your Credit Card processing.

Choose Your Settings On How The Credits Cards Will Run

1 - If you are using Pre-Authorized field when a card is Pre-Authorized then the card that was ran and approved will appear in Teal and under the Deposit column

2 - Once the day of the order the Pre-Authorization charge will move to the Payment column.   It will remain in Teal until the card has been Settled.

3 - Cards will Settle depending on the Setting that you have chosen (see top of article on where to change that setting).

4 - Note that Pre-Authorized cards will NOT appear in the Sales Journal under Pre-Paid cards.   The screen shot above is for 1/26/2024 for $1191.44.   You will see that in the screen shot below the transaction does NOT appear in the Sales Journal

5 - To view all Pre-Authorized Cards you can use the Authorized Credit Card Report link

6 - Click the Accounting tab and then click the Authorized Credit Card Report link 

7 - Then choose your Date Range, Locations and select Apply Filter

8 - Your report will then appear.   Approved transactions will have Approved under the Status column.   Note any transactions that were NOT approved will be in Red

You have now learned how to look up Pre-Authorized Credit Cards in your Accounting tab.