This article will go over our new feature (as of Sept 2023) for our quotes.   We have added a status to our quotes:  Pending, Confirmed and Declined

The 3 quote statuses are:

Pending: Quote sent out and there is no confirmation of converting to an order or declining. It just sits there until a decision is made.

Confirmed: Quote confirmed to an order

Declined: Client does not want to book the event or use that particular quote for their event.

Here is a video on how to change the status of your quotes:

Here are step by step instructions on how to change the status of the quotes you will take the following steps.

1 - Click on the Overview tab

2 - Then click on the View All Quotes tab at the bottom of the page

3 - All Quotes will then appear 

4 - You can filter your quotes by, Event Date Range, Quote Creation Date Range, Locations, Status, Quote ID #, Created by, and Salesperson.

     A - Event Date Range From:   you can filter by the event date for the quote

     B - Quote Creation Date Range From:  you can filter by the quote creation date

     C - Include only these Locations:   you can filter quotes for specific locations appear

     D - Status:  you can filters quotes based off the status

     E - Search for Quote ID#:  you can filter quotes by the quote ID#

     F - Create By:  you can filter quotes by who the quote was created by

     G - Salesperson:  you can filter quotes by the salesperson

5 - Once you have selected your filters click the Apply Filters tab

6 - Your quotes will then appear.

7 - Under the Status column you can change the quote from Confirmed, Pending, or Declined

Confirmed quotes will no longer appear on the calendar.  Confirmed quotes are quotes that the client has approved and want to make an order.   NOTE - changing the status of the quote to confirmed DOES NOT automatically change the quote into an order.   You will need to do this separately.   A copy of the confirmed quote will show under the View All Quotes in the Overview tab and in the customer's CRM tab.

Pending quotes will appear on the calendar as a quote

Declined quotes will no longer appear on the calendar

8 - Under the Action column you can View the Quote or Delete the Quote.

You have now learned the 3 quotes statuses.