By now you have seen our Sales Journal found under the Accounting tab.   Many of our clients have requested to be able to export the Sales Journal report in Excel.   CaterZen has the option to export in Excel and export in Excel (Detailed).   Below we will show the difference between the two reports found when exported to Excel.

Exporting to Excel:

Exporting in Excel will export the Sales Journal report with the same columns that appear on the Sales Journal page.  You can edit this page but you can not expand the columns.

Exporting to Excel (Detailed):

Exporting in Excel (Detailed) is going to export the Sales Journal with all the details of the orders that fall under the date range you have selected.  Note that you have two tabs at the bottom of the Excel sheet.   One is for the Right side of the page found in the Sales Journal and one is for the Left side of the page.

Left Side:

Right Side: