In this article we will go over how to use the NOWSTA found on the Overview page.  NOWSTA is only part of our MPP plan.  NOWSTA is a third party software that is used for scheduling.  Some examples would be for drivers or schedule catering staff.

Here is a video showing you how to use the NOWSTA tab.

Here are step by step instructions how to use the NOWSTA tab.

1 - Click on the Overview tab

2 - Click on the NOWSTA tab

3 - Next you will see a pop up box


4 - Here you will select the Order Types and Locations that you want sent to you

5 - Click on the Export tab

6 - The file will download to your computer

7 - You can then open the file and view the information.  The information will pull from the current date and into the future.

8 - You can then import the file into your NOWSTA account.

You have now learned how to use the NOWSTA tab.