This article will go over several points that Braintree would like for it's clients to know about.

Please note that CaterZen will do their best to help our clients with any issues they might be having with their Braintree account but ultimately CaterZen is not affiliated with Braintree. We cannot communicate with Braintree on our client's behalf.

  • If you are in need of assistance for support with your Braintree account, please use this email only: 

  • If you emailed support, we suggest that you also email with the Case ID # so they can help research internally. Then anytime you are communicating Braintree be sure to include your Case ID #. Please note that the SLA time for these tickets is 24-72 hours. If you have not heard back from Braintree, please reach out again if it is past the SLA time frame.

  • When a new Braintree account is created, it is highly recommended to add additional users to the account for admin access. This can allow the additional users to access the gateway, and have certain permissions to conduct any forms of day-to-day activities.  The attached link is here.

  • For ACH payments, there are a few qualifications a merchant needs to meet. The attached information is here.

  • If an owner leaves the company / sells it to a new individual, the merchant can either update that information within their Braintree account (needs to be initiated by the authorized signer) or create a new account.  Note that if you create a new account the credit cards that have been previously stored will not transfer from one account to the next account.

  • Upon request of the authorized signer, funds can be requested to be put on hold if a new owner is being added, and the banking information is being changed. This also can be done in the use-case of creating a brand-new new account, and before these new accounts are linked to the CaterZen platform.

  • Attached is a FAQ PDF that Braintree has given us.