In this article we will go over how to use the Order portion of the Mobile Order Taking feature.   Here we will show you how to take a new order.   Note this article only covers the Items tab portion.   There is a different article for the Order tab portion.

Below is a video on how to take an order using the Mobile Order Taking feature:

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Below are step by step instructions on how to take an order on the Mobile Order Taking feature:

1 - Log into your CaterZen Mobile Order Taking link

2 - Click on the plus sign in a circle

3 - Click on the New Order link

4 - Please note that there are TWO tabs.  The Order Infor and the Items tab.   Both tabs will need to be selected and filled completely out.

Items tab:

5-First you will add the menu items in that you want to add for the order.   Note you can either use the drop down box arrow or you can start typing in the name of the menu item and then choose the one you want.

6 - Once you have selected the item then the choices for the item will appear.

7 - Options: can appear in two different formats.

8 - Extras: will appear as On / Off switches

9 - Add feature: will appear as an On / Off switch as well.

10 - Special Instructions: is where you will add additional notes about the menu item.

11 - Item Description: will be the description of the item in the software

12 - Subtotal:  the subtotal of the order will appear here.

13 - Coupon:  if you need to add a coupon or discount to the order you will do so by clicking the plus sign tab and adding the coupon or discount.

14 - Service Fees:  if you have service fees configured in your software they will appear here.

15 - Sales Tax:  your sales tax will appear here

16 - Tax Exempt:  if the client is tax exempt or if you need to make the exempt you can do so here using the on / off switch.

17 - Tip:  you can add  tip to the order here by clicking the paper with pencil icon.

18 - Total:  the total will appear here.

19 - Place Your Order:  to place the order you will need to click the Place Your Order tab.

20 - Once your order has been placed you will see the confirmation of the order on the Order Details page.

Here is the link to see the Taking An Order in The Mobile Order Taking Interface (Customer/Event Info)