In this article we will go over how to use the Order portion of the Mobile Order Taking feature.   Here we will show you how to take a new order.   Note this article only covers the ORDER tab portion.   There is a different article for the Items tab portion.

Below is a video on how to take an order using the Mobile Order Taking feature:

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Below are step by step instructions on how to take an order on the Mobile Order Taking feature:

1 - Log into your CaterZen Mobile Order Taking link

2 - Click on the plus sign in a circle

3 - Click on the New Order link

4 - Please note that there are TWO tabs.  The Order Infor and the Items tab.   Both tabs will need to be selected and filled completely out.

ORDER tab:

5 - Customer (drop down):   Here is where you will choose the customer you want to place the order for.   Start typing in your customer's name.  You can also add a new customer here if you need too.

6 - # People Order For (fill in):  add the number of people the order is for

7 - Order Type (drop down):  choose the order type.  Note this will show your custom order types that you created in the software.  If you choose Delivery see steps below.


Once you select Delivery then the Delivery address box will appear:

Use the drop down box called Delivery Address to select where the order needs to be delivered too.  A box will appear with existing Delivery addresses and if you need to add a new address you can click the Add New Address link.  Once you select the address click the OK tab.

Delivery Address added:

8 - Current Callback Number (auto fill in):  the number should automatically be added from the customers information in the CRM tab but if not, you can add or edit.

9 - Payment Method (drop down):  select your payment method type.   Note this will show custom payment types.  If you select Credit Card as the payment type please see additional steps below.

Credit Card:

Use the drop down box to select the payment type and then select Credit Card.

Once you select Credit Card then a box will appear with previously stored Credit Cards.  If you need to add a new  card click on the Add New Card link.  Once you select the card click the OK tab.

Once you select the card the last 4 digits will appear in the order.

10 - Event Type (drop down):   select the event type the order is for

11 - Pick-Up/Delivery by Date (calendar):   choose the date the customer wants the order for

12 - Pick-Up/Delivery by Time Type (drop down and choice):  choose the type of time for the order.   These are the Time Rules you have created in the software

13 - Pick-Up/Delivery by Time (time):   choose the time the customer wants the order ready by

14 - Kitchen Ready Time (time):   choose the time the kitchen needs to have the order ready by

15 - Ignore Time Warnings (turn on and off):  turn on the ignore time warnings if needed

16 - Special Instructions (fill in):   here is where you can list any special instructions needed

17 - Order Taken By (auto fill in):  the name of the person logged in will appear here

18 - Options(turn on and off):  Here is where you can turn on or off any options offered when taking an order

ORDER tab completed:

Here is the link to see the Taking An Order in The Mobile Order Taking Interface (Menu Item Entry)