This article will go over the integration process for CaterZen to connect with Chowly.

If you need to speak with a CaterZen team member please book a 30 minute session using this link:

1 - The biggest thing is that when we activate Chowly on their account, we delete ALL menus, items, kitchen production formulas, etc and instead rely on Chowly supplied menus that get synched. All menu changes will come via the Chowly side. We just import it in. For an account with multiple locations, each location would have their own Chowly API key, menus, etc.

2 - If you are interested in seeing what it looks like on the backend, please schedule a demo and ask to see how the menu looks in our “Chowly Tester” account – id 4200. You will be able to see pricing, option configuration, etc. is not editable. 

3 - Items and categories can be hidden on our end.

4 - Chowly does have some options/extras (see the “GYOB – Grab Your Own Bowl” item in the sample account, it uses some different options, but note Chowly dictates how those appear, and that may affect your kitchen production formulas on some options. There is no way for us to know on the front end, until Chowly sends over the data. If you would like to see an example, go to:

5 - Menus should already get assigned (based on the individual API keys).

6 - Menu time rules would be possible. Chowly does send a “start” and “end” times for a menu, but not dates.

7 - Sales tax rules would need to be updated

 8 - Production formulas would need to be redone

If you would like to view a demo account in CaterZen that has been connected to Chowly you may visit this account: