This article will go over how to connect your Kitchen Printer so that you can print out Sales Receipt.   This will allow you to automatically print orders that come in and it will allow you to print on demand.

We are integrated with the Star TSP654 - cloud base printer.  To purchase a printer you can send an email to or   Please make sure to include your URL for your CaterZen account.

Once Prosys receives the email, Prosys will reach out to you to provide you with the login credentials.   


TSP654 in white and grey ($338)

Sticky Printer in grey ($419)

10.2 Ipad and Paper

Here are our direct contacts at Prosys:

Eileen Thompson
Account Executive
Phone: 404-216-7956

Donna Neal
Inside Sales Support
Phone: 678-268-9046

Here is a video on how to set your Kitchen Printer.

Here are step by step instructions on how to set up your Kitchen Printer.

1 - Click on the Admin tab

2 - Under the Global Setting section click on the Receipt Printer bubble and then the Receipt Printers link

3 - Next click on the Register New Printer tab.  Note the top information will automatically appear.

4 - Printer Name - give the printer a name

5 - Automatically Print Receipts for the Orders At - if you have more then one location you can choose which location you want the printer to work at.

6 - Print Format - choose which format you want the printer to print.  Note this feature may be blank.  If so please see the article on Creating/ Editing Sales Receipts.

7 - Click Save when done

8 - Once you have registered your printer it will now show under Receipt Printers

You have now learned how to connect your printer.