In this article we will going over how to sync your Quickbooks integration.   Note this will only sync for Online version of Quickbooks.

Below is a video on how to connect your CaterZen account to your Online Quickbooks account.

Below are step by step instructions with screen shots on hot to connect your CaterZen account to your Online Quickbooks account.

1 - Click on the Admin tab

2 - Under the Global Settings section click on the Quickbooks Integration bubble and link

3 - Next click on the Connect tab

4 - Next you will see the log in page for your Quickbooks account.   You will need to log in.

5 - Next it will automatically connect the accounts.

6 - The next page will show the accounts connected.  You will be back in your CaterZen account and it will show a message that your accounts have been successfully connected.

7 - Your next step will be to take all your Sales Journal Categories and assign them to your Quickbook Categories using the drop down boxes.

8 - Note if you are not comfortable with accounting we do recommend that you work with your accountant or bookkeeper on this part.

9 - Once the connection has been made you will click on the Accounting tab and then choose the Sales Journal Report link.  

10 - Choose your Date Range and Location.

11 - We encourage you to review your Sales Journal report first.

12 - Then you will click on the Send To Quickbooks tab.

13 - You will notice the a message will appear letting you know that the Data has been successfully sent.

14 - You can also use the View Synced Entries tab 

15 - When you click on View Synced Entries the next page will automatically appear.  From here you can see what was sent when

16 - You can click on on any line to see the expansion of what was sent.   This will breakdown the entries for you.

17 - Another feature we have is that CaterZen will not allow to accidentally send the information twice.   It will pop a warning asking if you want to re-submit the information.

18 - Next you will want to check what has occurred in Quickbooks.   Choose the Reports tab.

19 - Choose Profit and Loss Statement

20 - Select your Time Frame and Run Report tab

21 - You can then see the import.

22 - As well as you can expand by clicking the Sales link and then the Journal Entry link

23 - Then you can see all the different Journal Entries

You have now learned how to sync your Accounting data from CaterZen and your Online Quickbooks Account.