In this article we will be going over how turn on your E-Card program.   This program allows you to connect to a 3rd party vendor, Tango Cards, and then have virtual gift cards sent out from other vendors.   Your first step is to reach out to a team member to make sure that you have E-Card program part of your package.   If so the team member will then turn on module so you will have access to the program.

Rewards are generated automatically but still need to manually approved before they are sent out.   On the 1st and the 15th of the month you will need to log in and approve the rewards that are going to be given out.

Here is a video on how to turn on your E-Card Program.

Here are step by step instructions on how to turn on your E-Card Program.

1. Click on the Admin tab

2. Next scroll down to the Marketing Settings section and click on the Loyalty Program bubble and choose the TangoCard Reward Card Settings link.

3.  Next you will need to check off the check box for:   Issue Tango Card Rewards instead of loyalty certificates.   

4.  Once you check that box off the billing information will appear.

5.  Next you will fill out the Credit Card information.   The card will be charged from TangoCards and will keep a balance in your account.   Note there is a 3.5% processing fee.

6.   Then click the Save this information tab.

7.   Once your credit card information has been put in the next page will show you additional information for the settings you need to choose.

8.  Current Balance:

       This is pulled from your balance at TangoCards.

9.  Customer Loyalty Balance Before Reward Sent:

        Will need to be filled out or adjusted to the amount the customer must earn before the card is issued.

10.  Send All Available Credit:

        If this box is checked off then the full amount of what the customer has earned can be sent on the card.

11.  Minimum Hand on Balance:

         This is the amount that you want to have on file with TangoCards.

12.  Top Up Amount:

          This is the amount that you want TangoCards to charge when funds need to be added to your account.

13.  Once you are done with the settings click the Save This Information tab.

14.  Next you can adjust the TangoCard Reward Email that is being sent to your customers.

15.  You can also customize your TangoCard Email Closing.


16.  You can adjust your accent color that goes out with the email.

17.  Your marketing graphics were created when you first signed up with CaterZen but if you would like changes please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.   

18.   Next you can change the Header Image Alt Text.

19.  Remember to click Save This Information when done with the changes.

You have now learned how to turn on your TangoCard, E-Card loyalty program.