In this article we will go over how to send an invoice to a client to pay by credit card.

Note - That the order must have the payment selected as Credit Card with a Card Number stored.  If you don't have the card number you can use 4111-1111-1111-1111 as a dummy card to store.

Note - You must have the setting pay by credit card checked off and you must be using Braintree or to run your customers card via CaterZen.

1 - Click on the Accounting tab and then the Invoices link

2 - Locate your invoice by date range - customer name or invoice number

3 - The invoice will appear in Yellow if the invoice has a balance due.

4 - Click on the Options tab

5 - Click on the Send This Invoice by Email link

6 - The customer's email will automatically pre-populate but note you can change the email address as well.  Once you are ready click the Send Email Now tab

7 - Your email has been sent

8 - Customer will receive the email

9 - At the bottom of the email the customer click on the Invoice and view as a PDF

10 - From here the customer can click on the Pay Invoice tab

11 - Add their Credit Card and click Submit Payment

12 - OR the customer can click on the Pay Now tab from the email.

13 - Add their Credit Card and click Submit Payment

14 - The client will then see if the payment was Approved or Declined.

15 - You will see the payment on the Credit Card report that is emailed to you the next morning.

You have now learned how to send a Pay By Invoice email to a customer and how the customer will pay for the invoice.