There is now a V2 Kitchen Production Report.   Note this report can only be found under the reports tab.   It is not available under the print all reports function or under the order details page.  

You may be asking what is different about this V2 report here are some of the highlights:

this new production report will show in color

this new production report will show the date the report was generated on

this new production report will show the date range that the report was pulled from

the new production report will only show client’s name, company and the kitchen ready time

this new production report will not show the total for all items for all orders by menu items

this new production report can hide all individual orders and show total for all orders only

Below is a video of how to access V2 Kitchen & Production report

Below are step by step instructions of how to access the V2 Kitchen & Production report.

1 - Click on the More tab – Report tab – Kitchen & Production Reports tab 

2- Click on V2 Kitchen Production Report link.

3 - Choose your Parameters for the Report and click on the Generate Report tab.

4 - Your Report will now appear.

5 - Note you can Print Download – view in Excel – or Email this report.

6 - If you only want to see the total for all the orders and not see the individual orders you will want to check off the box called:  Hide Individual Orders (Show only totals for all orders) 

7 - You will then see this report

You have now seen what the V2 Production Report looks like.