This article is going to show you the how you can customize your Pull Sheet Report.  You can now add line items under the Category column and you can add new Categories.  You can also delete anything that was automatically created for the Pull Sheet Report.

1 - Here is an example of a pull sheet that was created from an order:

2 - To Delete a category or pull sheet item look for the 2 delete tabs (red x).  

    #1 – will allow you to completely delete out the category and all that falls under the category

    #2 – will allow you to delete pull sheet item that has been created

Please note that they system will immediately delete the category or item when the tab is clicked.   There is not a warning for this delete feature.

3 - To Add a category or pull sheet item will use the 2 add tabs (green +).   

  #1 - To add a new Category click on the add tab in the category head line 

  #2 - To add a new Pull Sheet Item click on the add tab in the pull sheet item line

4 - Once you click on the add new Category tab the new category box will appear.   

5 - You can use the drop down box to choose a category that has been previously created or create a brand new one.

6 -  Once you choose the new category or enter in the new category you can then Add the Pull Sheet Item.  Make sure to click the add tab when done.

7 - Here is an example.

You have now learned how to add in a new Category and Pull Sheet Item for your Pull Sheet Report.