This article walk you through how to set up the process to start allowing CaterZen to run your customers credit cards via Braintree or - automatically.   Please the article for manually processing credit cards if that is the choice you selected.

1 - Click on the Admin tab - Credit Card Processing bubble - Settings link.

 2- Once you click on the Settings link then a box of different choices will appear.


3 - You will want to select Automatically process the credit based on the time rules below under the first choice box to have your cards automatically run.

4 - Next you will choose which day you want the card to run. A - Day of the Catering Order or B - Day after the Catering Order

5 - Then choose what time you want to run the card.   Please note that the time is set in Military time.

6 - Then choose which employee(s) you want receive the report for the cards that were processed.  You can have the report sent to as many employees as you like.

7 - Here is an example of the PDF that will be emailed.

8 - Next choose if you want the customer to automatically receive a sales receipt showing their order.   If you want an automatic sales receipt to be sent to the customer you will need to click the:  Check if Yes box.

Please note that you can customize the email that is sent to the client.

Here is an example of the Sales Receipt.

10 - Under the Accounting tab here is what cards that are waiting to be ran, approved transactions and declined transactions will look like.

Waiting to be Ran:



If you have any questions or need to set up a time to review this information please feel free to do so with this link: