This article walk you through how to set up the process to start allowing CaterZen to run your customers credit cards via Braintree  - automatically.   Please the article for manually processing credit cards if that is the choice you selected.

1 - Click on the Admin tab - Credit Card Processing bubble - Settings link.

 2- Once you click on the Settings link then a box of different choices will appear.


3 - You will want to select Automatically process the credit based on the time rules below under the first choice box to have your cards automatically run.

4 - Next you will choose which day you want the card to run. A - Day of the Catering Order or B - Day after the Catering Order

5 - Then choose what time you want to run the card.   Please note that the time is set in Military time.

6 - Then choose which employee(s) you want receive the report for the cards that were processed.  You can have the report sent to as many employees as you like.

7 - Here is an example of the PDF that will be emailed.

8 - Next choose if you want the customer to automatically receive a sales receipt showing their order.   If you want an automatic sales receipt to be sent to the customer you will need to click the:  Check if Yes box.

Please note that you can customize the email that is sent to the client.

Here is an example of the Sales Receipt.

10 - Under the Accounting tab here is what cards that are waiting to be ran, approved transactions and declined transactions will look like.

Waiting to be Ran:



Authorized but Un-Settled:

NOTE:   If are using the setting run the credit cards the day of the order please read the information below about declines:

With the Credit Card settings, Authorize card when order is created and automatically process the payment at the end of the day, it works like your normal e-commerce system. If CaterZen is unable to charge the customer's card when the order is placed, the order will not get created until CaterZen is able to enter valid payment information.  If the payment does not go through when the customer tries to place an order, then customer will get redirected back to the checkout with a message stating the payment failed.

If you have any questions or need to set up a time to review this information please feel free to do so with this link: