In this article we will be going over how to use the Driver Dashboard.   The driver dashboard will allow you to watch your driver in real time.

1 - Click on More tab - Delivery Manager link.

2 - Next you will click on Driver Dashboard tab

3 - The routes for the drivers that have been assigned will show on the next page.  Note if you need to learn how to assign a delivery to a route or driver please see those articles.

4 - Next click on the Drivers tab.  This will show  just the drivers orders and location

5 - The routes for that driver will appear.


A - Shows a map on the left which will show orders and drivers for the day, as well as the restaurant location.

B - Orders will appear: 90 minutes before they are due, then be hidden 20 minutes after either being "delivered" or "client approved".

C - Drivers will be shown when they have an order which is displayed.

D - You can search for an order, and only matching orders and their driver will be shown

E - You can click on an order and it will make the marker for it and the driver bounce on the map

F - As the order goes through the different states, it will be updated on right column

 - no picture here

6 - Here is description of the times that you will see when the driver is in route.

7 - Once the driver has arrived the status will change from On My Way to Arrived and the Arrival Time.

Here is a video of what it will look when using the Driver Dashboard.