In this article we will go over the Contact List Report.  The contact list will allow you to view all the contacts that you have in your CRM tab.   You will have the option for parameters to view specific customers.   Once all the parameter have been selected then the Excel file will show:  Company Name, First and Last Name, Date the Contact was Created, Address, Phone, Fax, Email and Date of Birth.

1 - Click on the More tab - Reports tab - Data Export tab.

2 - Next click on the Contact List link.

3 - Next you will have parameters that you can choose.  Make sure to check off the box to the left of the parameter you want to select.

4 - Description of the Parameters:

A - Contact Created Between - select the dates the contact was added to the CRM

B - Prospect Status - you can choose between is a prospect or is not a prospect

C - Placed an Order in the past - you can select how many days it has been since their last order was placed

D - Has placed at Least - you can select how many orders the contact has placed

E - Has Spent at Least - you can choose a dollar amount that the contact has spent 

F - Company Industry Equals - you can choose the company industry

G - Company Employee Size Equals - you can choose the number of employees the company has

H - Assigned Sales Rep Equals - you can choose who the assigned sales rep is

I - Contact belongs to any selected Groups - you can choose which group the contact is assigned too

J - Contact Does Not belong to the any selected Groups - you can choose which group the contact is NOT assigned too

K - Limit export to - you can tell the system how many contacts you want to view in one report

L - Add Contact to the Selected Group after Exporting - you can have the contact added to a group once you export

Note - remember to check the box to the right of the parameter that you are selecting.

4 - Once you are done with the parameter selections you can click on the Generate Report tab.

5 - Your report will then download to your computer.  Note you can have your report emailed to you by clicking the Click Here link.

6 - You will then be able to view your report in Excel.

You have now learned how to use the Contact List Report.