This article will go over how to view all the orders that have been delivered to the addresses in the Venue Manager list.

1 - Click on the More tab - click on the Reports link - click on the Kitchen & Production Reports tab

2 - Next click on the Orders By Delivery Venue Address link

3 - Next you will see a drop down box with a list for all the Venue Addresses.

4 - Click on the drop down box - select the venue address and click Generate Report

5 - Your report will appear next.  Serve Date - Customer Name - Order Total - Venue Name - Delivery Venue Address and Order will appear.

6 - Please note you can Print - Download - view in Excel - Email this report.

7 - You can view the order by clicking on the Click Here to View More Details link.

8 - You can also click on the Use Venue tab to start a new order for this Venue.

9 - It will automatically take you to the Order Entry tab where you can start a new order.

You have now learned how to look up all orders that have been delivered to the Venue Address on the Venue Manager list.