This article will go over how to print your Order Labels.   Remember you must have configured your order labels in the formula section of CaterZen.  If you have not configured these formulas thenyou will need to schedule an appt. to learn how to do this:

1 - Click on the More tab - click on the Reports link - click on the Kitchen & Production Reports tab

2 - Next click on the Order Labels link

3 - Next you will need to check off the information you want for your ticket

A - Order Created Between - is the date you took the order

B - Scheduled to be Ready Between - is the date the order is for

C - Price is Equal to or Greater than - you can add a dollar amount so that you are not printing labels for smaller orders

D - Is Still Open - if the order is opened or closed

E - Has No Tax - if you just want to see the tax exempt orders

F - Is Cancelled - if the order has been cancelled

G - Is for - to choose the type of order:  Delivery, Pick-Up, etc

H - Customer Name Contains - you can type in the customers name

I - Company Industry Equals - you can look up a specific industry

J - Company Employee Size Equals - you can use the drop down to select the number of employees in the company

K - Choose your Location

*Make sure to check off the box to the left side that you want criteria to show for.

4 - Once you are done making your selections click on the Generate Report tab

5 - Once you generate the report a PDF file will appear.

6 - You will need to download or save the report by using the Click Here link OR you can use the Download icon OR the Print Icon to print the report.

7 - Insert 5164 shipping labels into your printer and then click print.

You have now learned how to print Order Labels.