This article will go over the Order Totals Report.  This report can be looked up by date range, employee and location.  This report contains the Company name - Contact name - Contact Information - Date of Creation - Event Date - Order Net Sales - Total Gross Sales - Account Rep - Industry - Who Took the Order - Number orders for the Company

1 - Click on the More tab - then the Reports tab - then the Sales Reports Tab.

2 - Next click on the Order Totals Report link.

3 - Next choose the Date Range

4 - Then choose Assigned Rep Is or Order Is Taken By

5 - Choose the Sales Rep

6 - Choose which Location

7 - Click on the Generate Report tab.

8 - The Excel file will download to your computer.  Please note that you can have the report Emailed by clicking the Click Here link.

9 - Once you click on the Excel file the file will open.

10 - Once the file is open you can then review the information you requested.

You have now learned how to use the Order Totals Report.