The PLU Sales Report stands for Price Look Up.   This report will show you the menu item, the description of the menu item, the number times the menu item was sold, the number the item it feeds and total that it feeds and the total dollars collected (net) for the menu item sold.  This report can be looked by location and by date range.  Please note this report does include options and extras.

Below is a video that will show you how to access the PLU Sales Report:

Below are step by step instructions on how to access the PLU Sales Report:

1 - Click on the More tab and then select the Reports tab and then click on the Sales Reports tab.

2 - Next click on the PLU Sales Report link.

3 - You will then select the Date Range you want to look and if you want to look by Location.   Click on the Generate Report tab when done.

4 - A CSV file will download to your computer.  Click on the CSV file to open it up.  Note you can right click the link to save it to your computer.

5 - Once you open the report you can expand the columns to see the information you requested.

Column A:  Item# - this is the Menu Item that was ordered

Column B: Description - this is the description of the menu item

Column C: Location - this is the location that the menu item was ordered at

Column D: # Sold - this is the total number of times the menu item was sold for the date range selected

Column E: Total Dollars - this the total amount collected

Column F: Feeds - this is how many the menu item will feed

Column G: Total Feeds - this the total number the menu item fed

Note in excel you can sort by columns

You have now learned how to use the PLU Sales Report.