This article will go over how to use the Venue Manager.  The Venue Manager will allow you to better manage of any catering, full service or drop-off to a delivery location shared by multiple catering clients.  You will be able to see a list of the different delivery locations that you deliver to without having to type out the full address for each client.   This beneficial for Churches, Banquet Halls, Doctor Offices, Hotels, Bridal Venues and etc.  Please note that the Venue Manager is only for the Marketing Pro Plus packages.

1 - Click on the More tab and then the Venue Manager link.

2 - The next page that will appear will show the list of Venue's that you deliver to.

3 - You can search for a specific location by using the Search Bar.  Note you can Search by Name - Contact - Phone

4 - Here is where you can Add a New Venue to the list

Once you click on the the Add new Venue tab a pop up box will appear where you can fill in the venue's information

Note that any General Note will appear under the Special Instructions box in the Order Entry tab and the Order Details Ticket

Note that any Delivery Notes will appear next to the Delivery Address in the Order Entry tab and the Order Details Ticket

5 - Under each venue you have 4 action types:  View Orders For This Venue - View/Edit this Venue - Delete this Venue - Use Venue

A - If you want to see a list of the orders that have been placed for a venue in the past click on the View Orders For This Venue icon

    Once you click on this icon the list of past orders will appear

        From here you can Print - Download - view in Excel - Email the report

    Note you can also View More Details for the order - this will show you exactly what was ordered for the catering

    If you want to place an order for the venue you can click on the Use Venue tab

B - If you need to change the contact information for the venue click on the View/Edit this Venue

C - If you need to delete a venue use the Delete this Venue icon

      A pop up Box will appear making sure this is what you intended to do.

D - If you want to place an order for a venue click the Use Venue tab.


     You will then automatically be taken to the Order Entry tab.

Below is a video of how to use the Venue Manager: