In this article we will be going over the Activity List report.  The activity list report will show the type of activities you have listed for the date range that you have chosen.   It will also show if the activity has been completed and who the activity was assigned too.

Here is a video that will show you how to access your Activity List:

Here are step by step instructions on how to access your Activity List:

1- Click on the More tab - then the select the Reports tab - then click on the To-Do Reports tab.

2 - Next click on the Activity List link

3 - The next page that will appear will allow you to make specific selections for your report.   

4 - You can choose your date and you can check off the box next to the activity that you would like to see in your report.  Note at the bottom you have the report ONLY show:  Only activities that are not marked as completed.   Once you have made your choices click on the Apply Filter Settings tab.

5 - Once you click the Apply Filter Setting the report will show below the Apply Filter Setting tab.

6 - Please note that on the report you can see the Type of Activity - Date the activity was assigned too - Time the activity was assigned too - Details about the activity - Disposition of the activity (completed or not) - Customer/ Company for the activity.

You have now learned how to use the Activity List report.