When it comes to impressing your catering prospects, every detail counts. When you create a custom proposal for a customer, you are not only providing them with a quote for their event, you are also giving them a sleek, professional portfolio that will stand out against all others. In this article we will go over what it looks like when you create a custom quote in the order entry tab.

Please note:  This is only for our Marketing Pro Plus accounts.

Please note:  That our marketing team will create a custom template for your quote cover sheet.   This will be automatically turned on and created for you when you sign up for CaterZen.  If you would like to make changes to your quote cover sheet please schedule a time using this link: www.BookTimeWithJillian.com

1. Click on Create A Quote tab after you have created your quote.

2.Click Custom Proposal tab.

3. There will be a pop-up, "Do you want to customize the selected quote cover sheet before sending?" You will have two options: "No, use as it" or "Yes, customize for this quote."

4. If click "No, use as it," a pop up box will appear. Click Ok if want to finalize the quote or click Cancel if want to cancel the quote.

5. After click Ok, you can either view, download, or send your quote.

6. If you click "Yes, customize for this quote," your Custom Quote Cover Sheet will now appear.  

7 - You can now make any changes that you need.

8. Make sure to click Send to save changes.

9. When you click send, a pop up box will appear. Click Ok if want to finalize quote or cancel if want to cancel the quote.

10. After click ok, you can either view, download, or send your quote.

You have now learn how to Create a Custom Quote In the Order Entry Tab.