This article will go over how to print out your supplier ordering report.   Please note that you can not print this report unless your supplier formulas have been created.

1 - Click on the More Tab and then the Reports tab

2 - Click on the Kitchen & Production Report tab

3 - Click on the Supplier Ordering Report link

4 - Next your Choices for the report will appear

5 - Report Parameters Explanation:

     A - Choose your Date Range

     B - If you have more than one location you can choose All Locations or a Specific Location


    C - If you want your Food Cost Data to show Check off the box.

6 - Click on Generate Report tab once you have made your choices.

7 - Your report will now appear

8 - At the top you can Return to the Report page - Modify the report you just pulled up - Print the report - Download the report as a PDF - see the report in Excel - Email the report.

9 - You will see 4 columns.  Vendor - Item - Quantity - Cost


A - Vendor - this is who you purchase your menu prep items from

B - Item - this is the menu prep you need to purchase

C - Quantity - this is the amount you need to purchase


D - Cost - is the cost for the total amount you need to purchase

10 - The Order Number will appear and then under that will be the information for the Vendor - Item - Quantity - Cost

11 - At the bottom the Total for all the orders will appear in Red

You have now learned how to print your Supplier Ordering report.