This article will go over how to use the Email Status Report.   This will show if an email was delivered - rejected - bounced back - etc when sending an email to a client through CaterZen.

1 - Click on the More tab and then the Reports tab

2 - Next click on the Data Export Reports tab

3 - At the very bottom click on the Email Status Report link

4 - Next to the right you will see a Date Range appear or you can type in a Specific Email to search for.   Once you have selected the date range or the specific email click on the Generate Report tab.

5 - Next you will see the Following:

Date and Time the email was sent

Who the email came From

Who the email was Sent to

The Subject for the email

The Order Number the email was for

The Status History of the email.  The different types are:  


Delivered (means the email was sent to the inbox with no errors)

Dropped (means the email was not sent to email address)

Rejected (means that email thinks the email was spam and has gone into the clients junk or spam folder)

Unknown (means that the system is waiting on an update about the email)

6 - At the top of the page you can choose to Print - Download - View in Excel - Email the report

You have now learned how to look up the status of an email that RCS has sent to your customer.