This article will go over how to change your Rapid Entry CRM settings.  The settings for example are:  First Name - Last Name - Phone Number - etc.  You can choose how much or how little information you want to collect when adding a new customer to the CRM tab.

1 - Click on the CRM tab and then click on the CRM Options tab.

2 - Next a pop up box will appear with the pre-selected fields for you to fill out when a customer/ prospect calls.

3 - The Default Contact Entry Screen will default to Rapid Entry but you can change it to Full Details if you want to have ALL information that can be collected on the CRM page when first collecting the customer/ prospect's information. 

4 - Below the drop down box are the pre-selected fields that will appear when entering in a new customer/ prospect's information.   If you do not want a field to appear then please un-check the box.   Then click the Save tab.

5 - Here is what it will look like when you have selected fields only.

You have now learned how to change the fields that you want to have collected when adding a customer/ prospect to your CRM.