In this article we will go over how to change information for a Menu Item.   For example:  Price, Description, Minimum Prep Notice, Taxable and etc.   Please note this article is not going to show you how to create a new menu item.   There is a separate article on how to create a new menu item.

Here is a video of the steps:


Here are step by step instructions with screen shots:

1 - First click on the Admin tab - look for the Menu section - click on the Menu Manager bubble and then Menu Manager link.



2 - You will then see your Menus to the Left of the page and the Items tab to the Right of the page.


3 - Click on the Items tab and below will be a list of the existing menu items that we have created for you. 

4 - Next you will look for the menu item you want to adjust the information for.  Click on the Menu Item name.  Menu Items are listed in alphabetical order.


5 - Once you click on the Menu Item name click on the Edit Item tab.



6 - A pop up box will appear with the information created for the menu item.   You can make any necessary changes.  


7 - Don't forget to Save once changes have been made.


You have now changed information found for a Menu Item.