The Marketing Reminder Calendar System is a way to stay on top of your marketing initiatives year round. By setting up weekly reminders, you can stay focused on niche and holiday marketing ahead of time. 

Here is a short video to walk you through the steps below:


There are two ways to access the Calendar: 

#1 Through the Marketing Tab

    a.) After logging into your CaterZen Account, go to the Marketing Tab.

    b.) Click on Marketing Reminder Calendar.

#2 You can also access the Marketing Reminder Calendar by going to the Admin tab

    a.) Go to Marketing Settings, and click Marketing Reminders


    b.) Click Choose Marketing Reminders.

Enabling/Disabling Reminders

When a reminder has been enabled, the entire line will be highlighted green. When it is disabled, it will go back to being all white. 

#1. You can Enable or Disable all reminders by using the green Enable All or the red Disable All buttons at the top of the calendar.


    a.) This is what it will look like when all reminders have been enabled. All lines will be green.

    b.) When you choose to Disable All, they will go back to all white.

Adding Custom Reminders

There may be a few niches or events that you want to market for that are not listed in the calendar. You can create your own custom reminders for the date of your choosing. Here is how to do that. 

1. Click Add Custom Reminder button at the top of the page.

2. Enter a Strategy Name (ex: CPA Firms, Property Management, Bridal Events, etc.)

3. Enter a Description. (ex. School will be back in session soon. Target schools to cater their Teacher's in Service catering. They order in breakfast and lunch for these sessions. Download a sample letter at:

4. Set a Reminder Date.

5. Click Save Reminder.