Your CaterZen account gives you the ability to create a promotional post card and mass mail it to your database. In order to be mass mailed, these post cards have to be an exact size and have the proper white space for postal use. 

Most of our clients have their own designer so we created a general folder with popular design files included to help your designer get the sizes, trim lines, etc., exactly as they should be sized to be correctly uploaded and mailed out properly. Here is how to find these files. 

1. After logging into your CaterZen account, go to the Marketing Tab

2. Click on Postcard Campaigns

3. At the top of the page, click Download Design Templates

4. Once the file downloads, click Postcard Guidelines.

From here you can do a few things: 

A.) Click Samples. This allows you to view Sample Post cards that we have designed. 

B.) Click Templates. These are the Indesign and Photoshop files of the template that you can work from. 

C. Click Postcard Guidelines. This is an overview of the templates and the general sizes that you need to make the post cards.