The CaterZen Phone System allows you to provide you catering clients with a single number to call for catering related inquiries and orders, while allowing you to select which phone's are actually called. This article shows you how to adjust what order your selected phone numbers ring when someone calls your catering phone number. 

1. After logging into your CaterZen account, go to the Admin Tab. 

2. Under Marketing Settings, Click on Catering Phone Settings then the Catering Phone Settings Drop Down Bar

3. There are two ways to update the call settings depending on the call order.

A.) Selecting Simultaneous 

If simultaneous is chosen, all numbers above will be rung at the same time. The first person to answer will be connected with the caller.

B.) Selecting Consecutive 

If consecutive is chosen, the numbers above will be called in order the order they appear. When someone answers, they will be asked to press '1' to accept the call, '2' to ignore, or '3' to send caller straight to leave a message. If no button is pressed within 10 seconds, it is like the callee choosing to ignore the call. If they choose to ignore, the call will ring the next number. After the last number ignores the call, the caller will be asked to leave a message.

4. After updating these settings, scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes