This article will go over how to view the Orders - Quotes - Activities in your Calendar tab.

1 - Click on the Calendar tab.

2 - Whether you are wanting to view an Order - Quote - Activity you will click on the box of what you are wanting to view.

3 - If you click on a Quote or an Order a pop up box will appear.   Click on the Click Here link to view the full order or quote.

4 - The next page that will appear will be the Order Details page or Quote page.


5 - If you click on an Activity you will see a pop up box with the Activity information.

6 - Note you can view the Client's CRM record by clicking on the link.

7 - If you see an Activity with a Line through it - then the Activity has been completed but you can still click on the activity.

You have now learned how to view an Order - Quote - Activity on your calendar.