This article will go over the quote function drop down box.   It will show screen shots of what each option is for and can do.

1. When working within a quote you will see a Quote Function Drop Down box at the top of the page.


2.  When clicking on that box 4 options will appear.

3.  The first choice is Show Sending Options For This Quote.


4.  When choosing this option the next screen will appear.


~View, download, or print the quote as a PDF:  will allow you to print the quote as a PDF


~View the quote online (HTML):  will take you back to the quote you are working with


~Send the quote to a recipient by fax:  will allow you to type in a fax number and have the quote your created sent to their fax for 10 cents per page (the 10 cents is deducted from your variable fee fund


~Send the quote to a recipient by email:  will allow you to type in an email address with a message by email

~ Convert this quote into an order:  will allow you to make the quote now an order in your CaterZen account

5. The second choice is Edit This Quote.   This will allow you to open the quote up for editing and re-save.  (For more information on this please see the article How To Edit A Quote)



6.  The third choice is Place This Quote Again.  This will allow you to place the exact same quote for the customer but maybe change the date or time.

7.  The last choice is Covert This Quote To An Order.   This will allow you to change the quote over into an order. (To see step by step instructions for converting a quote into an order please see the article How To Convert A Quote Into An Order)

8.  These are all the functions that you can do with the Quote Function Drop Down box.   Please note that all quotes saved in the View All Quotes tab found under the Overview tab and also under the clients name in the CRM tab under the quote icon.