Email Marketing is an inexpensive and valuable tool to have in your marketing artillery. Sending out emails to stay in front of your contacts is a MUST in this business. This article shows you how to create your own email campaigns. 

To watch a video of the following steps, please see video below: 

1. Log in to your CaterZen account. Once logged in, go to the Marketing Tab.

2.Click Email Marketing.

3. Click Create a New Email Campaign.

4. Give your email a Campaign Name. This will only be shown to you, not the client. Give your campaign an easily identifiable name. This is will appear when you view reports for the campaign.

5. Give your email a Subject.

6. Give your email a "From" Name. This will appear in the "from" field in your client's inbox. Typically your first and last name, or from "(Your Company) Catering Team", whichever you prefer.

7. Give your email a "From" Email Address. This is what will appear in the From field of your recipients' email client when they receive this campaign.

8. Give your email a "Reply To" Email Address. If someone responds to your email, this is where the email will go.

9. Click Save and Continue.

10. Create HTML Email Message. This is what will appear if the recipient can view HTML-formatted messages.

11. Create Plain Text Email Message. This is what will appear if the recipient cannot (or chooses not to) view HTML-formatted messages.

12. Click Save and Continue.

13. Select Recipients for your Email Campaign. You have 5 options.

 a.) You can send to Everyone in your CRM

b.) You can send to Specific People that you select by putting a check mark in the box beside their name.

c.) You can send it to specific Groups in your CRM.

d.)  You can send to all people in your CRM that are checked as "Prospects".

e.) You can select customers that have ever ordered off of a specific Menu

 14.  Click Save and Continue.

15. Choose When you would like your email to be sent out. You have 2 options:

a.) Send Immediately

b.) Send at a Specific Time and Date

16. Review Your Email Settings before finalizing to be sure that everything is correct.

17. It is always recommended to Send a Preview of this Campaign to yourself to be sure that everything is formatted correctly and that there are no typos.

18. Once you have reviewed your email campaign, hit Finalize and Send Campaign Now to activate it. If you have selected to send your email at a future date and time, this just puts it in the queue to go out at that date and time.