Once the ticket is open from the mobile interface, there are two buttons for the drive to use. The first blue button at the top left labeled with a check mark, pulls up the the list of items ordered for the driver to check off. Depending on your driver settings, this may also bring up the Kitchen Production Report, the Prep List and/or the Pull Sheet Report.

The blue button to the right labeled "Actions" will pull up actions associated with the delivery: On My Way, Open In Map, Email Ticket, Email Invoice, Client Approval. We will discuss these in detail later in this article.   

1. After reviewing the detail of the ticket and delivery, the driver will click on the blue button labeled with a check mark.

This will pull up his load out list to mark off as he loads his vehicle. Notice all of the items are marked in red; signifying they need to be loaded.

2. As the driver loads the items on the order, he will click on each item. Notice the item is now highlighted in yellow with a black car icon to the left. This signifies he has checked off that item and it is in the vehicle ready to be delivered.

All items need to be checked off for each delivery in the route.

Once that is done, the driver is ready to start delivering the orders on the route.

3. Once the driver is leaving with the first order, he will click on the blue button labeled "Actions" and click on the first line labeled "On My Way!".

This will dispatch an email and/or text message to the catering client letting know their order is on it's way.

The message will have the order number and driver's name. If an email is sent, a picture of the driver is included in the email. 

4. To pull up the delivery address and turn by turn directions, the driver will click on "Open In Map"

5. A list of available mapping apps will pop up. The driver should choose the desired one.

6. Turn by turn directions will then appear in the mapping app. The driver will then drive to the delivery address.

7. Once the delivery driver arrives at the delivery location, they will click on the "I've Arrived!" link. This will send an email and/or text message letting the catering client know the driver has arrived. This will help ensure the client is on the lookout for the driver.

8. Once the driver starts to unload, he will click on the blue check mark button to see the items to be delivered. 

As the items are set up, he will click the respective line item, turning the item green with a check mark to the left.

The driver wants to make sure each item is set up and marked off.

9. To finalize the delivery, the driver needs to click on "Client Approval".

10. The driver is prompted to hand the catering client their phone.

11. The catering client can review the ticket then clicks on "Finalize Order".

12. The catering client then sees the total and is given the option to add a tip in one of the assigned percentages, leave no tip or add a custom amount.

The catering client then clicks "OK".

13. Then the catering client is presented a box to sign the ticket. They will just use their finger and write on the screen and click on the "OK" button to finalize the order.

14. The catering client is then prompted to return the phone to the driver.

15. If the catering client would like a copy of their ticket or invoice emailed to them, the driver can select "Email Ticket" and/or "Email Invoice". 

16. A pop up window will appear with the catering client's default email address. Click "OK" to send the email.

The email address box is editable. The driver can enter another email address if the client desires.

17. To finish up the delivery, the driver will select "Order Delivered". This will notify you that your driver has completed this delivery.

If there are other deliveries on this route, the driver will follow the same steps above.

If the driver has more than one route, they will return to your building at the scheduled time for the next route.