Your drivers can log into the CaterZen Drivers Interface from their smart phones by going to:

We recommend drivers book mark the page or create a short cut icon on their phone.

1. Once at the log in page, the driver should enter their user name and password and click on the blue button labeled "Log In".


2. Once you logged in, the driver needs to click on the calendar and select the delivery date.

3. The driver's route(s) for the day will show with the time they need to leave by for each route. This is reflected in military time to prevent confusion

4. Once the driver clicks on the route, they can see each delivery marked by the client's name, company name, delivery address and time they need to leave your building.

NOTE: At the top of the route is the note for that route entered by the manager who routed the orders.

5. Clicking on a delivery will pull up the ticket for the catering delivery. The next article will address the workflows and options for running a route.