The CaterZen Delivery Manager allows you to take all of your deliveries for the day and see them on a map. You can then evaluate delivery time, size of order and distance to create Routes.

Routes can have as few as one order and as many as one driver can handle. 

You can set pick up times for routes and assign them to any of your drivers.

Below is a video showing you the steps on how to create a route:

Below are the step by step instructions on how to create a route:

1.Click on the MORE tab and click on "Delivery Manager".

2. Select the date for your deliveries in the "Show Orders Due On" box and click on the blue button labeled "Show Route Planner".

3. Each of your delivery orders for the day will show up to the right. Click on an individual order and the corresponding map point will jump up for you to see the delivery location.

 If you click on a map point, the corresponding order to the right will turn yellow. This will allow you to see where your orders are going.

Note each order has the client's name, company name and time the order is to be delivered by, along with the delivery address.

Clicking on the magnifying glass in the order box (right side of screen) will pop up a copy of the order. This will allow you to see the size of the order and help in assigning routes.

4.By default, you are given Route 1 (purple). Click and hold the order to the right you want for the first route and drop it into the blank white box below Route 1.

5. You now have your first delivery order assigned to Route 1. Notice the pink bar that shows "11.6 Miles in 18 Minutes", this allows your driver to know approximately how long it will take from your building to get to the delivery address and the distance in miles.

6. If you zoom in on the map, you will see the route of the first delivery from your building. It is represented by a colored line matching the color of the route. 

As you build routes, the color of the point to point lines will correspond with the color of the route box. 

7. If you want to add a second (or more) delivery to a driver's route, then click and hold that order on the right and drag it into the route box. If you need to, you can click and hold orders in a route box and switch the order of deliveries.

Notice the second delivery on the first route has a pink highlighted box. This shows the distance in mileage and time from the first delivery stop to the second.

8. When you click on the gear icon in a route... 

9. You will see a pop up box that will allow you to name the route, set the desired time out for the driver and also assign the driver from a drop down list of drivers.

10. Notice how the route box now has the driver's name and desired time to leave for the first route.

NOTE: If you click on the clock image in an individual order, it allows you to change Deliver By and Kitchen Ready Time for that specific order. 

11. When you are ready to create another route, click on the green button called "Add Route". Notice you now have a second route represented in red. You can then drop and drag and order(s) for that route.

Continue adding routes/orders until all of your deliveries for the day are routed.

Make sure you assign a driver to each route.

12. Before we transition to the driver's Interface on the smart phone, let's take a quick overview of some reports in the Delivery Manager.

Show Overview For The Day: This will show an overview table with routes and orders for the day. It is printable.

Print Routes: This blue button will print all of the routes for the day one by one. You can choose what to print for the driver like the ticket, directions and Kitchen Production Report

Individual Routes: Each route has a print icon. You can choose what to print for the driver like the ticket, directions and Kitchen Production Report for just that route.