After setting up a CaterZen Catering Phone system, you have the option to either use an automated voice mail message, or record your own. The following are the steps of setting up your own recorded voice mail message.

1. Record your message using whatever recording device/program that you have available. It is important that this file format is 16bit 8Khz WAV, but MP3 or WAV.

2. After recording your voice mail message, log into your CaterZen account, click the MARKETING TAB, then the CATERING PHONE NUMBER SETTINGS Bubble then the Catering Phone Number Settings Link under Marketing Settings.

3. Scroll down to the area that says "LEAVE A MESSAGE" RECORDING, and select the AUDIO option.

4. Click CHOOSE FILE and select your recorded file.

5. Once the page refreshes and your file uploads, scroll to the bottom and click SAVE.