For those clients you have set up on House Account, the ability to be invoiced and pay the bill some time in the future, you need a way to keep up with who has outstanding invoices. This is known as Accounts Receivable. Our system calls it an Aging Report.

We recommend you pull up this report weekly, in order to make collection calls.

Pulling Up The Accounts Receivable Aging Report

1. Go to the Accounting Tab and click on the Aging Reports link.

2. Select the desired date range. Go back as far as you need to go to make sure all open invoices are showing up in the report.

Once you have selected the desired date range, click on the blue "Produce Report" button.

3. Your report will appear with all information needed for collections. 

The far right column is for "Days Due". This is how many days have passed since the Invoice/Order date.

To access a client's phone number via the CRM, just click on the client's name link.