Invoices may be accessed via multiple areas in the CaterZen system. Refer back to the article entitled: How To Access and Print Sales Receipts. Invoices can be pulled up via those same means.


The Accounting Tab provides the quickest and easiest way to print or email an invoice. 


1. Click on the Accounting Tab and then click on the Invoices link. 

2. Select the date or date range of the Invoice you want to see. Click on the "Apply Filters" button to see a list of all Invoices.

3. Find the order you would like to see an Invoice for. You will see the date, Order Id link, Customer Name and the Company Name. Click on the orange "Options" button.

4. You will then be taken to a page with lots of different options for working with Invoices. The two most popular is to Print A PDF or Email the Invoice. (See red boxes below for links to those functions.) 

5. You can also click the View tab.   This will then download the invoice as a PDF.