Both Order Tickets and Catering Tickets may be accessed via multiple areas in the CaterZen system:

The Print All Reports Button In The Overview Tab 

1. From the Overview Tab, you can select all orders you want to see by your desired date range. At the bottom of the page select the Print All Reports Button.

2. A pop up box will appear. Select whether you would like to print the Order Ticket and/or the Catering Ticket. Then click on the Print Selected Reports Button.   

3. A PDF containing all Order Tickets and/or Catering Tickets for the date range will be available to view and/or print.

The Ticket Functions Drop Down Box

Throughout the program there are multiple places to access an order and have the "Ticket Functions" drop down box appear. This includes, but is not limited to, the Overview Tab (Use either the View All Orders button or click on the Order ID number in the Overview Tab Report) and the CRM (When you pull up a customer in the CRM, you can look under the Orders icon and click on the View/Edit Orders link)

1. The easiest and most common way to access the Ticket Functions drop down box for an order is via the Order Id number hyperlink found on the Overview Tab. Find the order you want to print an Order Ticket or Catering Ticket for. 

2. The ticket will appear on a new page with a Ticket Functions: drop down menu. From that drop down menu, you may select "Print Order" to receive a PDF of the Order Ticket or select "Print Catering Ticket" to receive a PDF of the Catering Ticket.