This article will show you how to access a full credit card number for an order placed. Please note that only employees with permission can access the full credit card. The full credit card number can only be found in an order placed. It can not be found under the CRM page credit card icon.  

Please NOTE that if you are using, the credit card number will NOT be stored in CaterZen.  

Video on how to Access the Full Credit Card Number:

Step by Step Instructions on how to Access the Full Credit Card Number:

1. Click on the Overview tab and locate the order.  Then click on the Order ID link.

2. To access the full credit card number, scroll down to the bottom of the catering ticket and look for the section called Customer Payment Info. Then click on the link called Show/ Print Complete Payment Info 

3. A PDF will download.  Please open the PDF file.

4. Next you will type in the PDF Password and click on the SUBMIT button.

*Please note CaterZen employees can not look up PDF Passwords.   Please contact the Admin of your account to find out what the PDF Password is.   If you are the Admin of the account and you do not know the PDF Password please submit a support ticket to have your PDF Password reset.  Only the Admin or an employee with Admin rights can request to have the PDF Password reset.

5.  Once the password has been typed in please scroll down to the bottom of the order and look for the dotted line.  Under the dotted line you will see the FULL Credit Card Number and Expiration Date.   

*From there you can type the full cc into your credit card processing machine or print this page.   If you choose to print this page it is the restaurant's responsibility to keep the number safe.  Please lock in a cabinet and shred when you are done with the full credit card number.

6.  Once you have obtained the Full Credit Card number please remember to close the PDF file.